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Bauhäusler auf der Brüstung der Terrasse vor der Bauhauskantine
Leben am Bauhaus Dessau: Xanti Schawinsky, Herbert Bayer und Heinrich Koch auf der Brüstung der Terrasse vor der Bauhauskantine
Bauhäusler im und vor dem Atelierhaus
Bauhäusler im und vor dem Atelierhaus, April 1927, Blick von oben

Bauhaus Archive Association

The Bauhaus Archive is a non-profit association. It is principally financed by the Land Berlin, contributions from members, and donations.

Bauhaus Archive Association members obtain a Bauhaus Archive Service Card, invitations to exhibition openings, have free entrance to all exhibitions, and profit from reductions on articles from the bauhaus-shop.

The association serves uniquely and directly utilities of public interest in the fields of culture, research, and education. You can become an individual member with a contribution of 80 € (reduced rate for students: 30 €) per annum. Corporate membership is also possible at 1,000 € per annum.

By joining the Bauhaus Archive Association you actively support the work and activities of the museum.

Would you like to become a member?
Please find the application form here.

Claudia Meinke
E-Mail: c.meinke(at)bauhaus.de