Presentation of objects from the Document Collection of the Bauhaus-Archiv Berlin

document archive

One of the central tasks of the Bauhaus Archive is the collection of all documents related to the activities, ideas and cultural legacy of the Bauhaus, including letters, manuscripts and printed matter. Since its founding in 1960, the archive has been able to assemble material from the personal estates of over 500 teachers and students from the Bauhaus, as well as people and institutions connected with the ideas and history of the Bauhaus. The archive currently maintains over 140 linear metres of files, in addition to all Bauhaus publications and a collection of company documents and sales catalogues.

Since 1 January 2017, our archive is closed as preparations have begun for the upcoming measures related to our building project. On the occasion of the 100th anniversary of the founding of the Bauhaus, the Bauhaus-Archiv’s existing building will be modernised in a manner appropriate to its status as a listed landmark and it will be supplemented by a new museum building.

If you wish to find information about the holdings of the document collection in general, please use the Kalliope portal.

Visit us at the temporary bauhaus-archiv!

Our museum and archive at Klingelhöferstrasse are closed due to construction work.