Lucia Moholy, Portrait of Walter Gropius, 1927


The Photography played an important role at the Bauhaus. The Bauhaus-Archiv / Museum für Gestaltung today holds a unique collection of photographs. It includes firstly, artistic photographs: 6000 prints (4000 of which are vintage prints) by 117 photographic artists from the Bauhaus and its circle and successors – including works by László Moholy-Nagy, Walter Peterhans and the Feininger family. In addition, there are 1500 original negatives by Lucia Moholy, Herbert Schürmann and Eugen Batz.

Secondly, some 60,000 photos (half of them originals) on the history of the Bauhaus and its members, workshops and products form another focus of the collection. This part of the archive contains unique testimony to everyday life at the Bauhaus and on architecture and design, and has consequently become an indispensable partner for publishers all over the world.