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Opening Festival

16/1/2019 - 24/1/2019, Berlin

A one-week festival in Berlin headed by the Bauhaus-Archiv will kick off the centenary. The federal president of Germany will open the festival at 16 January 2019 with Prelude at Akademie der Künste in Berlin. This opening event will be visible around the world and will interweave pioneering contemporary positions in performing arts, music and new media with discussion formats appearing in international, interdisciplinary forms. The Bauhaus Week of 1923 provides the historical point of reference for all this. An international selection of artists will be invited to articulate their visions for the architecture, art and design of the 21st century. Here the focus will be on the relationship between body, space and movement, between man and machine.

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Interview with art director Bettina Wagner–Bergelt