Vineyard Kreutzenberger (1929/30), architect: Otto Prott © Tillmann Franzen,

The Grand Tour of Modernism

100 Years – 100 Sites

What links Alfeld with Berlin, Darmstadt with Dresden and Stuttgart with Bernau? The Grand Tour of Modernism leads visitors along a specially developed route through the history of modernism in Germany. It links the sensual experience of travel with the pleasure of discovery and the understanding of history and the present. Around 100 outstanding modernist buildings will be selected on the basis of their relevance to cultural history and linked together to form an attractive travel route which can be experienced by rail, car or bicycle. The Bauhaus-Archiv will be incorporating the Berlin destinations from the programme into its own programme of excursions to the sites of modernism. We will additionally be developing excursions to visit Bauhaus sites from the Grand Tour in other federal states.

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