György Kepes, Portrait study (Juliet Kepes), 1938

György Kepes, Portrait study (Juliet Kepes), 1938 Bauhaus-Archiv Berlin © Juliet Kepes-Stone

Sun 19.11.2017
11:00-14:00 Time

family workshop- for children and adults (in German)

Lights on

Lights on - creating an photographing light paintings. Children and adults experience the Bauhaus key works with the help of key works rom the collection and the special exhibitions "New Bauhaus Chicago", as well as the museum’s own architecture, aspects of the Bauhaus can be experienced directly in ways that are interesting for children and adults alike. This service for families is provided in collaboration with »Jugend im Museum e.V.« (in German).

Booking required! Anmeldung: Tel. 266 42 2242, E-Mail: info(at)

Children 6 €, adults 9 €, materials 3 €