Colour wall, photo: Barbara Antal

Colour wall, photo: Barbara Antal

Sun 29.12.2019
11:00-14:00 Time

Hearing Colours

What does a “language of seeing” exactly mean? Shapes and colours in art only assume meaning when placed in relation to our inner being. This workshop allows participants to emotionally and physically experience the colour theory from the Bauhaus preliminary course. We will investigate and arrange sounds and tones according to their visual and musical grammar. Creation lives as genesis under the visible surface of the work. All those touched by the spirit see this in retrospect, but only the creative see it looking forward (into the future). (Paul Klee, Tagebuch, 1914)

Maki Shimizu, born in Tokyo in 1981, ventured out into the world of art with Picasso’s aphorism in mind: “Art is a lie that allows us to recognise the truth”. In Japan she studied the fine arts with specialisation in graphic printing, and then studied graphic design in Bielefeld. In 2019 she received the Berlin State Comic Scholarship.

Practical tip: Please bring a musical instrument to the course. Workshop language: German

At the Berlinische Galerie
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