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Unpacking Jak R. Maier
unpacking event 5 | How is an estate catalogued?
Wed 14.06. | 18:30-20:00
Unpacking Jak R. Maier
Fri 30.06. | 18:30-20:00
Unpacking Jak R. Maier 

Inherited and Unpacked – The Value of Things


the temporary bauhaus-archiv
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Everything began with an unexpected phone call and a testament. The Bauhaus-Archiv learned that it had inherited the estate of the artist Jak R. Maier. But who was Jak R. Maier? And how did we end up inheriting his estate? What does it mean to assume responsibility for and make decisions about other people’s personal things? The exhibition Unpacking Jak R. Maier is the first to show and examine the artistic and private estate of the Berlin-based artist.

At four stations in the exhibition, original sculptures and documents make Jak R. Maier’s life and works tangible. Interactive elements and various media shed light on usually non-public museum collection practices and connected questions. Videos show the unpacking and inventory process of the Maier estate and a shadow play with Maier’s works invites you to challenge your perception – with a little reward if you find the solution!

What are the things that define us and what do we want to leave behind?

It's your turn again at the last station „My legacy“. List and evaluate your own estate and decide what should be done with it.

More Maier?
On bauhaus stories we dive into each of the unpacking topics with interviews, essays and features, thus providing a deeper understanding of the exhibition and key questions of museum collection practices.

Play the Maier memory!
Jak R. Maier documented his work meticuously in photo albums. Inspired by the recurrent motifs the project team developed a memory in which the players have to find the matching works from Maier’s oeuvre. You can download the memory to learn more about life and work of Jak R. Maier playfully.

unpacking events
The six-part event series unpackings dynamically presents the themes of the exhibition. In discussions with experts from the academic and professional fields and in live unpacking events, the museum team examines the hidden treasures of the artist’s estate. The findings will be documented on site by the designers sieblersiebler, which will steadily change the exhibition as more of the estate comes to light.

Wed 01.03. | 6.30-8 pm
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unpacking event 2 | Who was Jak R. Maier?
Wed 29.03. | 6.30-8 pm
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unpacking event 3 | What does Jak R. Maier’s estate contain?
Wed 26.04. | 6.30-8 pm
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unpacking event 4 | What can be sorted out?
Wed 24.05. | 6.30-8 pm
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unpacking event 5 | How is an estate catalogued?
Wed 14.06. | 6.30-8 pm
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Fri 30.06. | 6.30-8 pm
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