The Bauhaus-Travelbook

A Grand Tour is now available to the historic sites of classic modernism – stage by stage, over 100 locations are presented that are linked to the history of the twentieth century’s most important art school — from Weimar to Harvard. The travel book is published jointly by the Bauhaus Archive in Berlin, The Bauhaus Dessau Foundation and the Weimar Classics Foundation. Prestel, € 19,95 (in German).



bauhaus_tour 1

Design in Charlottenburg (in German)

Produktgestaltung vom Bauhaus bis heute
Sat 25.05. | 13:00-15:00
© Moa Hallgren

© Moa Hallgren

bauhaus_tour 2

Design um die Potsdamer Straße (in German)

Bauhausgeschichte und ihre Auswirkungen im Kiez
Sat 27.04. | Sat 08.06. | 13:00-15:00