Poster with bold typography advertising the Bauhaus workshops

Poster: Joost Schmidt, 1924, Bauhaus-Archiv Berlin

Pencil sketch of a timetalbe

Monica Bella Ullmann-Broner, structural study of a timetable

Monica Bella Ullmann-Broner, structural study of a timetable, 1929-30, Bauhaus-Archiv Berlin

bauhaus_werkblatt #11

bauhaus_werkblatt #11

bauhaus_werkblatt #11

bauhaus_werkblatt #11

bauhaus_worksheet #11: Typographical abstraction

In the collection of the Bauhaus-Archiv, there is a drawing by Monica Bella Ullmann-Broner which she completed in a preliminary course taught by Josef Albers. For this exercise, the Bauhaus student copied a timetable without reproducing a single letter or number. Try it yourself – change the text and typography into an abstract picture!

Download the bauhaus_worksheet #11

You need:

– pencils
– sharpener
– rubber eraser


Look at the picture and squint your eyes until the letters get blurry and begin changing shape and form in different shades of grey. Now try to express the typography on this poster as an abstract picture.

Concept: Julia Marquardt