Podcast host Adriana Kapsreiter © Robert Rieger

about bauhaus - an overview of the second season

The Bauhaus was a legendary model and mosaic of modernism. Its enthusiasm for experimentation continues to inspire us and spark the imagination of artists, cultural producers and researchers to this day.
In the second season of about bauhaus, art historian Adriana Kapsreiter and her guests discuss life at the famous school for every year it existed – from 1919 to its abrupt end in 1933. The podcast highlights the important milestones of each year as well as lesser known developments related to the Bauhaus. The discussion focuses on experiments and the question: What was really new at the Bauhaus?
In season two we leave the sound studio and make our way to the original venues of the pioneering school in Weimar and Dessau. We visit artists’ studios, theatres, museums and other key locations of the Weimar Republic. And the guests are just as fascinating as the locations themselves.

Episode 1: 1919: The Spirit of Revolution - Foundation in Weimar, with singer and theater maker Schorsch Kamerun
Episode 2: 1920: Workshop fantasies? Hand & Craft at the Bauhaus
Episode 3: 1921: The Painters of Expression – Expressionism & Bauhaus
Episode 4: 1922: Spirituality or New Spirit? Esoterism at the Bauhaus
Episode 5: 1923: Art & Technology: a new unity
Episode 6: 1924: Form & Life, with Nina Sieverding and Anton Rahlwes
Episode 7: 1925: The Book as Stage and Atlas
Episode 8: 1926: Beautiful New Bauhaus World
Episode 9: 1927: Bauhaus Soundscapes
Episode 10: 1928: The fabric (textile) dreams are made of

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