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Space and Time 2: Spaceship Museum – The Kids’ Cosmos

An early-childhood cultural education project that introduces young children to the museum as a place they can shape and are free to explore. Its themes include art and nature, space and time, and present and future
Funding period: 2023–2024

In this project, 320 children from Berlin, ages 4 to 8, share their ideas, questions, concerns and stories with six Berlin museums. Accompanied by an interdisciplinary team of artists, educators and museum staff, the children are introduced to the “Spaceship Museum” which is on a mission to discover new worlds. The kids take the helm and set course for the future. Which direction do they take? What questions are important? What do we need? How can we protect our habitats and design them more sustainably?

Early-childhood developmental processes, childhood experiences and actions are central to the project’s artistic modules. These are designed to promote partner-based collaboration. The events allow children to experiment with various analogue and digital media and forms of expression. In addition to offering new experiences and impressions, the project includes a children’s symposium as a new format of artistic encounter. Two networking meetings and a diversity-oriented intersectional event offer participants the chance to reflect on the project.

The Pestalozzi-Fröbel-Haus and educational institutions from eight Berlin districts, along with six state-funded museums have teamed up with the association Jugend im Museum to create a citywide network of cultural and social spaces that children can artistically study and shape. In addition to the Bauhaus-Archiv, the Berlinische Galerie, Bröhan-Museum, Georg Kolbe Museum, Stiftung Stadtmuseum Berlin and Werkbundarchiv: Museum der Dinge have established partnerships with 16 preschools, family centres and daycare centres. Together they are developing formats of encounter and workshop series based on children’s interests and needs.

The project is funded by the Berlin “Cultural Education” project fund.