bauhaus_worksheet #15: Tactile Box

The artist and designer László Moholy-Nagy was a master instructor at the Bauhaus from 1923 to 1928. His classes consisted of experimental assignments such as tactile exercises and material studies. These trained his students to sharpen their sensual perception of the physical world. In the following exercise, you can test your skills by folding your own tactile box. You will need several tools, with which you can cut, poke holes and make imprints. Create your own tactile pattern and transfer it onto the lid of the box. Have fun!

Download the bauhaus_worksheet #15.

You need:

– coloured sheet of paper (DIN A4), squared off
– ruler and pencil
– scissors
– tools for creating tactile ornamentation, e.g. penknife or needle
– cutting board / mat


  1. Follow the folding instructions and fold yourself a small box and lid from a DIN-A4 sized piece of paper.
  2. Using various tools, create your own tactile pattern to decorate the lid of the box.
  3. All done! Now you can admire your pattern, enjoy its texture and fill your box with treasures.

Concept: Julia Marquardt, Doro Petersen