bauhaus_worksheet #6, photo: Julia Marquardt

bauhaus_worksheet #6, photo: Julia Marquardt

bauhaus_worksheet with two pictures each (detail and extrem close-up) of four objects: a yellop desk lamp, a red cup, a blue mat, a black backpack

bauhaus_worksheet #6: Intensified vision

bauhaus_worksheet #6: Intensified Vision

The artist and designer László Moholy-Nagy was a Bauhaus master from 1923 to 1928. In his 1947 book “Vision in Motion”, he described eight varieties of photographic vision: 1. abstract, 2. exact, 3. rapid, 4. slow, 5. intensified, 6. penetrating, 7. simultaneous and 8. distorted. Based on his fifth variant, you can experience intensified vision by taking photos of your object from different angles and distances.

Download the bauhaus_worksheet #6 (PDF)

You’ll need:

A camera and objects with different surface textures and colours


Take a picture of your object. Then try other angles and image compositions. Move closer to the object – as close as you can get before it gets blurry – and take another picture. Place the photos of the same object together and discover how the object and material change in appearance from different distances. Share your results with us at #MyBauhausLab.

Idea and concept: Julia Marquardt