We are ... Mission statement of the Bauhaus-Archiv / Museum für Gestaltung

We are ... Mission statement of the Bauhaus-Archiv / Museum für Gestaltung

Mission statement

The Bauhaus is our history.

As a museum and archive with the world’s largest Bauhaus collection, we see ourselves as a place of creative learning, interdisciplinary exchange and critical dialogue that connects people and ideas.

We are young.

Our institution was founded in 1960 in an act of civic commitment as a non-profit organisation. In 1979 we opened our museum – meanwhile designated as a historical landmark – on the Landwehr Canal in Berlin, and have since welcomed countless enthusiastic visitors from around the world.

We are beautiful.

And in the coming years, we will become even larger and more beautiful. We are currently constructing a new museum with expanded exhibition space for our presentations, a transparent tower for education programmes, an attractive study room with a view over the Landwehr Canal, a design concept store and a Bauhaus café. We want our future museum to be a place where visitors of all ages and genders feel welcome, regardless of their origin, social status or educational background.

We are rich.

Our multifaceted collection comprises some one million objects: paintings, sculptures, photographs, models, plans, graphic works, design objects and archived records of all kinds. We collect, preserve and promote the material and immaterial legacy of the Bauhaus, along with that of its predecessor and successor institutions.

We open drawers.

Our collection and our archive are inexhaustible sources of inspiration. We present the artistic ideas, designs and works of those who taught and learned at the Bauhaus. We offer visitors playful and sensual, scientific and experimental ways to experience them. We want to inspire our visitors and learn from them. We invite them to actively participate and discover their own creative potential.

We build bridges.

We regard the Bauhaus as an international platform. We are deeply committed to forging connections with institutions, researchers and Bauhaus enthusiasts the world over. By expanding our digitalisation efforts, we hope to reach an even larger audience. At the same time, we are devoted to strengthening local networks and dialogue with the community.

We take a stand.

We critically address our history and its upheavals. We actively engage in current discourse on environmental, architectural and design issues. We condemn discrimination and racism in all forms and advocate for a democratic society, joined in solidarity.

We are colourful.

We are an international, cosmopolitan team. Our collaboration is based on mutual appreciation and collegial support. Diversity and tolerance are what defines us. We work on new concepts for an inclusive and sustainable museum of the future.

We don’t like dust.

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