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The Bauhaus-Archiv / Museum für Gestaltung owns some rare, original artists' and documentary films about the Bauhaus, its history and ideas. These include films by László Moholy-Nagy, films by the New Bauhaus / Institute of Design in Chicago or about individual artists of the Bauhaus.

A series of four historical films on the Bauhaus is available online:

Wie wohnen wir gesund und wirtschaftlich?

  1. Wohnungsnot
  2. Das neue Haus
  3. Neues Wohnen (Haus Gropius)
  4. Das Bauhaus und seine Bauweise

Production: Humboldt-Film GmbH Berlin-Wilmersdorf, 1926-1928
Director: Ernest Jahn / Camera: Rolf von Botescu / Without sound

The temporary bauhaus-archiv is closed temporarily.

Our museum and archive at Klingelhöferstrasse are closed due to construction work.