The special library of the Bauhaus-Archiv / Museum für Gestaltung contains literature on the Bauhaus and related subjects, including the artists, architects and designers who were associated with the school. The library features a broad range of literature on art, architecture, photography and design of the 20th century and an extensive collection of current architecture and design periodicals. The holdings include a number of rarities as well, e.g. publications produced by the Bauhaus, such as the Bauhaus Books, historical Bauhaus journals and product catalogues.

Die Bestände der Bibliothek bis Mitte 2022 können über den Katalog des Bibliotheksverbunds Berlin-Brandenburg KOBV durchsucht werden, ab Mitte 2022 über den Verbund des GBV. Die Zusammenführung der Bestände in den K10Plus (GBV) ist in Planung. Die Rara-Sammlung ist im Bestandskatalog der Sammlungen erschlossen.

Library users can search the holdings of the library ( dates until mid-2022) via the electronic catalogue of the Berlin-Brandenburg Library Association KOBV. Holdings from mid-2022 onwards are searchable via the GBV catalogue. We plan to merge both holdings in the K10Plus (GBV). The collection of rarities is listed in the Bauhaus-Archiv collection catalogue.

We regret that the library will remain closed to users in the coming years until the renovation and expansion of the Bauhaus-Archiv is completed.