The Bauhaus-Archiv / Museum für Gestaltung

Berlin’s Bauhaus-Archiv / Museum für Gestaltung holds the world’s largest collection related to the history of the Bauhaus (1919–1933), the 20th century’s most important school of architecture, design and art. In the years to come, the Bauhaus-Archiv will be receiving a new museum building. While construction work is in progress, the museum and archive are closed to visitors. During that time, we cannot grant any loans from our collection. Thank you for your understanding.

We welcome visitors at the temporary bauhaus-archiv!


The Bauhaus-Archiv / Museum für Gestaltung studies and presents the history and influence of the Bauhaus, the twentieth century’s most important college of architecture, design and art. Over the course of the decades the Bauhaus-Archiv has built up the world’s largest collection of materials on the subject. To be able to present ...

Long Night of Museums 2018 at the temporary  / © Bauhaus-Archiv Berlin, photo: Catrin Schmitt

Long Night of Museums 2018 at the temporary © Bauhaus-Archiv Berlin, Foto: Catrin Schmitt

the temporary

While our museum is being renovated and extended, we welcome you at the temporary bauhaus-archiv in Berlin's Charlottenburg district. Experimentation with presentation formats, cooperations and events are the main focus of the temporary. An illustrated time line offers a quick introduction to the Bauhaus. On the upper gallery, we present ...

Erster Preis zum Wettbewerb Bauhaus-Archiv: Staab Architekten GmbH, Berlin, Perspektive

Erster Preis zum Wettbewerb Bauhaus-Archiv: Staab Architekten GmbH, Berlin, Perspektive

Construction work

To celebrate the centenary of the founding of the Bauhaus in 2019, the Bauhaus-Archiv/Museum für Gestaltung is being renovated in accordance with historic monument requirements during the next few years, with a new museum building being added. We regret that while construction work is in progress during the next few ...

collection areas

The focus of the Bauhaus-Archiv / Museum für Gestaltung collection is on the famous Bauhaus ‘classics’ and works from its artistic and teaching activities. In addition, the successor institutions such as the New Bauhaus in Chicago and the Ulmer Hochschule für Gestaltung (College of Design in Ulm) are also represented ...


Gifts form the basis of our collection. Thanks to the commitment of the avant-garde school’s former students and teachers, the Bauhaus-Archiv has been able to grow into the world’s largest Bauhaus collection: founded in 1960 by Hans Maria Wingler with the support of Walter Gropius, its initial goal was to ...

library and archive

The Library and Archive at the Bauhaus-Archiv Berlin are important international research facilities that are visited by hundreds of scholars every year. The reference library holds more than 32,000 volumes on the specialist subjects of 1920s architecture, art and design. In addition, the Bauhaus-Archiv Berlin holds an extensive collection of ...


Since the Bauhaus-Archiv’s founding, this institution has regularly released publications on the Bauhaus and its own activities.


Our museum is under construction. Visit us at the temporary. Our centenary exhibition original bauhaus will be on show from 6 Sep. at the Berlinische Galerie.