Assembly days of the Bauhaus_SpaceLab 2024, © Claire Fristot and Noemi Molitor

Project days at the Pumpe Youth Culture Centre © Catrin Schmitt

Project days at the Pumpe Youth Culture Centre © Catrin Schmitt

Project days at the Pumpe Youth Culture Centre © Catrin Schmitt

Bauhaus_SpaceLab 2024: Spaceship Museum – The Kids’ Cosmos

The Bauhaus_SpaceLab has been working to establish and promote early-childhood education at the museum since 2009. The aim is to introduce this very young target group to the museum for the first time and acquaint them with the ideas and works of Bauhaus artists. The programme invites children from childcare facilities and daycare centres at primary schools to participate in various projects on space, architecture and the fundamentals of design once every year.

The Bauhaus_SpaceLab is jointly organised by the Bauhaus-Archiv / Museum für Gestaltung, the Pestalozzi-Fröbel-Haus and the association Jugend im Museum e. V.. The collaboration is based on the organisers’ shared conviction that artistic research, experimentation and action are vital aspects of early-childhood education and help promote key competence, self-efficacy and societal participation. In 2024 the Bauhaus_SpaceLab was staged as part of the project Space and Time II: Spaceship Museum – The Kids’ Cosmos.


In March the project participants organised the conference SpaceShip Museum? Early-childhood cultural education in the museum-daycare context in cooperation with the Jewish Museum Berlin. The conference addressed the following questions: What promotes sustainable encounters? How do we design common learning venues and places of experience? What role do artistic approaches play in this? How do we engage children with cultural education projects that are age-appropriate, process-oriented and open-ended? How do we forge connections between the children’s living and social environments and the museum setting?

In the coming months, practice-oriented workshops will be offered at seven daycare facilities operated by the Pestalozzi-Fröbel-Haus. The next round of Assembly Days at the Pumpe Youth Culture Centre in der Lützowstraße will take place in May – in direct proximity to our new museum currently under construction.