Jurassica Parka, guest on the first season of about bauhaus, © Daniel Hoffmann

about bauhaus - an overview of the first season

What do people think when they hear the word “Bauhaus”? Glass, concrete and steel? Circles, squares and triangles? There are so many clichés and legends attached to the Bauhaus – sometimes it’s almost impossible to separate these from what the Bauhaus truly was. Facts are often taken out of context or subjectively interpreted. But which ones are true or which aren’t? In “About Bauhaus”, the podcast by the Bauhaus-Archiv / Museum für Gestaltung, art historian Adriana Kapsreiter takes a closer look at the most famous “Bauhaus legends” and clichés in an attempt to paint a more multifaceted picture of this famous school. The podcast presents stories and anecdotes in historical order and examines how they relate to social issues today.
Each episode features a special guest: Bauhaus experts who have studied the subject in a professional context for years, as well as individuals who are strongly anchored in today’s cultural sector or who are connected to the Bauhaus in other ways, such through art, writing or music. For example, in an episode with curator Kristin Bartels, the conversation focuses on important Bauhaus works and the first presentation of the collection. In another, photographer Sven Marquardt discusses his views on art, experimentation and life beyond “dead conventions”. In each episode, these Bauhaus highlights are examined from two perspectives, providing well-versed insiders with new insights and Bauhaus newcomers with an introduction to fascinating topics.

Episode 1: Raumwelten und Zeitreisen – Das Bauhaus und die 1920er, with set designer Uli Hanisch
Episode 2: Wie ein Stuhl die Welt verändert: Möbeldesign und Stahlrohr am Bauhaus, with curator Kristin Bartels
Episode 3: "Keine Kunst von Beruf": Ausbildung am Bauhaus, with photographer Sven Marquardt
Episodee 4: Was macht kreativ? Über den Bauhaus-Vorkurs, with curator Nina Wiedemeyer
Episode 5: "Der Glaube an den Rausch": Bauhaus Feste, mit Erika Babatz, photographer and Photo Service employee
Episode 6: "Sage mir wie du feierst und ich sage dir, wer du bist": Bauhaus-Feste & Identitäten, with drag queen Jurassica Parka
Episode 7: "Bauhaus women or Bau-housewifes?" About women at the Bauhaus and their history
Episode 8: "Bob and Rebellion": Women at the Bauhaus, then and now
Episode 9: “Bauhaus style“?? About Bauhaus architecture and modern clichés
Episode 10: “More than the sum of its parts“: Living and working together in Modernism

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